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Southern Phase Converters Manufacturer of Rotary Phase Converters And Electric Motors

Industrial Phase Converters------Single Phase to Three Phase Converters---Operate all your Three Phase Equipment on Single Phase from a Southern Phase Converter.   1-888-932-4526             Manufacturing Three Phase for Industrial  Equipment for 43 Years.                                                                                      Email us at      

Manufacturer of Large Single Phase Electric Motors for Industrial Equipment.  

Give us a call with the application you need.  

Click on any Link at the top of this page for more information on Southern Phase Converters and see what will work for you.  Or,   just give us a call at 1-888-932-4526 and we will see what type converter you need for your equipment.   We have different models for just about all applications and types of equipment and:

               We Can Tell you what type Converter  you need to operate your equipment Trouble-Free

Machine Shops                           Agriculture--Grain Bins                                 Pumps of all styles and types

Cabinet Shops                            Elevators an Augers---Blowers                     Lathes--Mills--Wide Belt Sanders

Oil Field Applications                 Salt Water Pumps--Oil Field Pumping         Welders--Plasma Machines

Saw Mills--Grinders                    Cement Mixers--Spreaders                            Meat Grinders & Saws

Air Compressors                        CNC Lathes--Mills--Machine Shop Equipment

   Heat & Air Conditioning              If you need Three Phase for your Equipment,  We can supply it. 

                  CNC Rotary Phase Converters for all types of equipment including EDM Operation

We Design Electrical Panels to control all your equipment from one remote location.  Phase Converter/Electric Motors all can be designed for remote Start/Stop if needed ,  We design Electrical Control Panels for  your application,   Tell us what you need.     Give us a call at 1-888-932-4526

Remote Start/Stop is an available option on all Southern Phase Converters.   Tell us what you need.

                                            Click on a Link at the Top of this page for more information on Southern Phase Converters.